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O rings serve as a sealing mechanism to prevent liquid or air evaporation. These are crammed between two surfaces for filling the space and preventing any liquid or air from escaping. O rings are physically deformed to create a seal between two nearly identical surfaces.


Piston Ring And Assembly

Piston rings and assemblies aid in sealing the combustion chamber to minimise gas leaking into the crank case is one of their main functions. These are useful in increasing the heat transmission from the piston to the cylinder wall. Piston rings and assemblies are extremely durable and reliable.

Mechanical Shaft Seals
Offered range of Mechanical Shaft Seals is reckoned for its unique axial movement performance, flexible nature and deflection free quality. Accurate dimension, reasonable price and ease of installation are the key aspects of these sealing parts.
PTFE Seals

PTFE seals can be found in transformers, electrical motors, and other parts of electrical appliances that are subject to a lot of heat and wear. These are created using cutting-edge technology and PTFE material. PTFE seals are used in electronic devices to make dependable seals that increase product life.

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